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would you like to touch my penis? i am a sex machine. sex machine!

ok, so, i don't have a penis, but i am a huge, huge fan of "can't hardly wait." i first saw the movie in middle school and it has helped me survive high school. now, here i am, a senior 3 days away from the last day of high school and a little over two weeks to graduation, and i am watching the movie as i speak and it is probably the 30th time or so that i've seen it. when i have my graduation party and get some much needed moola from the relatives, i am finally picking up a copy of the film on dvd for myself because i think that everytime i have borrowed a copy from the library, it is the same tape and it's in crappy condition. the coolest moment of my teenage life was meeting victor togunde, the reminiscent guy ("see if i contact you for reunion! it's all about the memories, bro!")

wowwie, that was long :D thank you so much for this community. hey, does anyone have any cool icons from the movie? and does anyone know where to get a loveburger shirt? that would totally be the shit!!!
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