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Selma Blair News

Get Selma Blair's pants!!!

Check out the pants Selma signed that are being auctioned off right now!

Selma Blair
Designed Jeans

Levi's® Superlow Boot Cut 518's - Junior Size 7

These jeans are thoughtfully decorated by the generous Selma Blair. The actress has written on the front right pocket in black, as well as drawing a pocket watch on the front right pocket. She has also kindly attached a gold Bulova pocket watch to the waistband that sits in the front right pocket which was a gift she received while working on her current film, THE FOG. Selma signed the Bulova instructions with the words “Given to Me on The Fog April 26 2005. A gift of time for you. Xo Selma Blair (signature) Vancouver 2005 on the set of The Fog.”

She has written "it is 10:24 right now" in black on the front right pocket, above the drawn pocket watch.

On the back left pocket she has drawn a sweet picture of her dog Wink. She also wrote "Selma sends love" in gold paint on the back waistband.

Selma also signed and wrote a note on the front page of the script of The Fog, and included a personal note to the winning bidder which reads "For you - with the pants - it is time for me to get out of my hotel room and take my dog, Wink, for a walk. I send this note with love, and with a watch that was a gift from this production...Reminding me not to regret the past or to live for the future. Be here NOW. It is never too late. Take care, Slema Blair, P.S. Wink is super cute."
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